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Fried Sage Chips


Sage leaves

1/2 cup olive oil

WillYum spice salt or spice blends



  1. Fill a deep skillet with about half an inch of olive oil
  2. Set stove to a medium heat and wait for oil to become very hot (when heated up oil  should become thinned and paler in color).
  3. Throw sage leaves into oil and press them down with a fork until submerged in oil. The oil should sizzle violently when sage is introduced.
  4. After several seconds, or when sizzling subsides, carefully remove the sage with a fork and place onto a paper towel or napkin. The oil will be extremely hot so be careful not to come into contact with anything the oil has touched such as the sage, pan, and fork end.
  5. The sage should be crisp and a dark green color, and should have no spots of soft, light green. If any area of the leaf is underdone simply throw it back into the oil and make sure it is completely submerged.
  6. Season with a Willyum spice salt or spice blend and enjoy! :)

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