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Our Story

WillYUM Spice Owners-Warren Williams-Brandalyn Fulton Williams

We got bit by the do-it-yourself bug for our wedding favor and sought out fresh and unique spices to package as wedding favors in 2015.

We unintentionally created a demand for these delicious, hard to find, and most of all flavorful spices. Within three months, people wanted more!

We aren’t chefs but we love hearty, yet healthy, home cooked meals. At our house, the excitement is in the kitchen especially when our meals taste like it was created by a gourmet chef!

On our journey to find the best wedding favor, we learned that all spices are not created equal. Once our wedding guests demanded more, we saw a need to educate and inspire more people and encourage them to use quality spices. We also want to make this easy for you so we will ship it directly to your  home. Your WillYUM Spice is fresh and packaged by people who care.

We hand blend small batches and work with small farms and select distributors around the world. It is our goal to maintain the freshness of each spice we use and sell. Our spices blends have no preservatives, no MSG, and no anti-caking agents.

We hope it is love at first spice with WillYUM Spice!

- Warren & Brandalyn Williams

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