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Done For You Gifting Program
Are you a business owner or a corporate executive looking for a creative way to thank your clients? Do you want to impress your clients, family, and friends?
Let WillYUM Spice serve as your Gift Concierge and provide special and personal attention to your clients with our Done For You Gifting Program. It is true that gifting is an excellent way of showing your clients you appreciate them. Giving the WillYUM Spice Collection is out of the ordinary and we guarantee your clients will put your gift to great use.
We know that many business owners are trying to cram 36 hours in a day and we would like to offer this premium service to you to wow your clients, vendors, family, and friends.
Gift your clients with our Mini Collection, Yum Salt Collection, Easy Grilling Collection, or Yum Curry Collection.
Gift Concierge Packages*
$250 ($30 in free product)
$500 ($60 in free product)
$750 ($90 in free product)
$1200+ ($120 in free product)
Using our Done For You Gift Program is very simple. 
Step 1 - Pick a level to work with us. Invest upfront. We ship products as needed with a 4 month expiration period. 
Step 2 - Send to Full Name, Full Address with Zip Code, a personal note, the date you want packages to arrive.
Example Address 
John Doe
Company Name (if applicable)
1234 Street Lane
Apt/Suite 12 
*Discount Shipping is available